Introduction to Level

Level works a little differently than other tools like real-time chat. This introductory guide will walk you through the basic concepts.

Channels keep messages organized.

Channels work like hashtags in social apps. When you tag a Channel, your message will automatically appear in that Channel's feed.

The Inbox is your to-do list for conversations.

When someone @-mentions you or new activity occurs on a post you've interacted with, that post will move into your Inbox.

It's best to dismiss posts from your Inbox once you are finished by clicking the green inbox icon (or using a keyboard shortcut).

The Feed helps you stay in the loop.

Your Feed contains all posts from the Channels you subscribe to. It's a good idea to periodically skim through it, but you shouldn't feel obligated to see everything there.

Notifications are batched to minimize distractions.

Instead of constantly interrupting you with push notifications, Level batches up your notifications and emails them to you at customizable times of the day.

Who's online? Who cares.

Just because you're signed into Level doesn't mean you're available to talk. For that reason, Level does not track who’s currently online.

Command the interface with your keyboard.

Power users rejoice! Level comes loaded with many of the keyboard shortcuts you already know and love.
Press ? any time in the app to see all the shortcuts.