How the Inbox Works

The Inbox helps you to keep track of conversations that need your attention. It's like a to-do list for your internal communication.

There are two tabs at the top of the Inbox: To Do and Dismissed.

How Posts Arrive in Your Inbox

Posts appear under when To Do someone interacts with a Post that you are subscribed to (such as replying to it).

By design, you are only subscribed to a post when:

  • You are the author,
  • You reply to the Post, or
  • Someone @-mentions you.

It is neither possible nor desirable for any one person to keep up with every conversation happening. Level encourages people to be thoughtful about who should be looped in to a conversation. The Inbox reflects this goal by only showing conversations that you are involved

The Dismissed Tab

When you are finished interacting with a Post, you can either Mark as Resolved (if the conversation is complete) or Dismiss from your Inbox (if you are finished but the conversation is ongoing).

Click on the Post to expand it and see the available controls:

You can also bulk dismiss posts right from the Inbox:

If new activity occurs on a Post after you dismiss it, it will move from the Dismissed tab back to the To Do tab.

As soon as you have finished following up with a conversation for the time being, we recommend you either Dismiss the Post or Mark as Resolved to keep your to-do list manageable. (When you Mark as Resolved, the Post is automatically dismissed from your Inbox). 

"Inbox Zero" is a worthy pursuit.